Why the Rubids Penny Auction is the Best.

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Why Rubids Penny Auction is the Best!

Rubids.com is very newbie, and comes to exsitence in March 1, 2108.  Rubids.com offers penny auctions with ranking system.  As the rank goes up, one can participate in more expensive products with less competiotion.  The auction products are brand new, factory warranty, and shipped to the customer directly from the the major merchandiser, including Bestbuy, Walmart, Costco, Banggood, Sams...and much more.  Rubids.com always try to upload the products that useful and that you want to bid on.  Come and see it for yourself! (click here to see)

Penny Auction Layout

Along with the Ranking System, Rubids.com has following nice features for our customers.

Rubids.com Penny Auction Features

  • Buy Now Option: You don't have to participate in the auction if you really like the products and its price.  There is "Buy Now" option for each product, by selecting that option, you can buy that product.
  • Badges: Badges are Quibids rewards program. Users earn badges for participating in auctions, winning auctions, losing auctions, bidding a lot and not bidding at all. In fact, Quibids badges are awarded to active penny auction bidders for just about anything. Why do these matter? Badges are really the only way to get free bids on Quibids (except when you sign-up)
  • Games: You can play the games for fun or to increase the rankings,  In order to play Rubids games, you should have R-points, which are given to newly joined members (1000 R-points), exchange bids to R-points (1bids to 100 r-points), and used bids iare automatically converted R-Points in the exchange rate of 1 used bids to 100 r-points.

Common Rubids Auctions

  • Gift cards of all shapes and sizes
  • Laptops and tablet computers
  • Video games and video game consoles
  • Motorize scooters and small vehicles (occasionally)
  • Sporting and recreational goods such as golf clubs, fishing poles/reels, camping equipment
  • Headphones, MP3 players
  • Digital cameras including SLRs
  • Purses, Jewelry, Art
  • Tons of other stuff.

Rubids.com shipping and fees

Rubids is very simple and straight forward in terms of shipping fees.  Rubids charges no shipping fees for almost every auctions for the domestic shippments.  If it is international, Rubids will notify to the customers how much will it cost to ship prior to the shippment.  

And there are transaction fee of $2.99 for credit card payment, and there is option to pay with bids in order to avoide this transaction fee.

Why Rubids.com Penny Auction is the Best!

Simplicity, variety, tons of opportunities, and much more, make Rubids the best penny auction site among its competitors.  And it is contantly adding nice features, events, and reward system to give great opportunity to buy cheaply the products they really want.


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